Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sex, Booze, Rock and Roll....and the Flu.

So, this week was supposed to be the great grand opening of thedrunkenscoundrel.com and once again serendipity kicked me in balls. The Flu has come to Scoudrel Land and has left behind a trail of dead me.
Not able to perform properly I can only hope my seething mass of fanatical followers can restrain their urges and not go on a pillaging spree in my absence.
To tide you over 'til I am oot and aboot again, I will tempt your cultural taste buds and lust for life with a few of my plans for the future.
  First and foremost-and most difficult: streaming music. The whole concept of this website was for it to be a radio station first, and everything else as a value added service.
Next is usefulness and functionality: You can sit down at your desk or sit in your bed or wherever, type in thedrunkenscoundrel.com and have in front of you killer tunes, search, headlines, weather, links to stuff, cool original content, an eventually a shop with a selection of very cool, useful products.
In short,  The Scoundrel is a lifestyle brand aimed at the intellectually curious, responsible, fun-loving lady or gentlemen. There will be the music blog, the store, and 'The Scoundrel Papers' a blog on varying useful topics like:
Advice on frugality, quality, common-sense, sources of advice and quality, useful products, and even consulting as well as miscellaneous stories and travelogues.
Stay tuned, and when I'm not feelin' about half-past dead, I put some real stuff up here for your perusal.       
Cheers! Remember The Scoundrel loves you.

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