Friday, October 8, 2010

So, Sportsfans, this is it.
Not the end kind of it, the beginning kind of it.
Right now I have chosen a couple of stations that will reflect some of the eclectic fare that will be appearing here. I love music-so do you, that is why you are here. I can't guarantee that you will like everything I play here, but you might be pleasantly surprised from time to time. You won't be hearing all of your favorite songs on an endless loop. You won't often hear too much stuff you can find on terrestrial radio. If you want to hear 'Sweet Home Alabama' three times a day this is not the place for-not that there is anything wrong with old Skynrd-there isn't, but you can hear them everywhere else.
Expect variety.
Expect alot of local unsigned bands.
Expect to hear stuff years before it is on the radio.
Expect to hear me howl and proselytise like a mad preacher as I ram brand new flavas in your ear, and bands you should love down your throat.
Expect useful tidbits and lots of links and recommendations.
I want to be on your desktop, your phone, your ipod, and your bedstand. I want to be a welcome companion from the time you wake up, to the time you pass out drunk and pants-less on your neighbor's lawn.
What? You're the one who typed into your browser bar and hit enter-what were you expecting? Pictures of kittens?
And yes, there are ads. Lots of them. Click on them and buy stuff ESPECIALLY take note of the little shopping cart on the lower left hand side of the player, you can buy alot of the music you hear.
This enterprise ain't gonna be cheap, and daddy wants a place to live... and a German Shepherd.
And a trophy wife.
And a pony.
With a mohawk.
But in the end, it'll be worthwhile 'cause eventually I'll be selling my own stuff and I want to spend my time and earn my living by enriching your life.
Cheers, Chris.

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