Sunday, April 17, 2011

Translator-a Long Forgotten Great Tune

I heard this song as a bumper on my favorite radio show last night. I recognized it immediately and began singing along-even though I hadn't heard it in over 20 years.
...very Jonathon Richman but also a bit obtuse.
I don't know about you, but I like finding forgotten songs.
Upon further listening, I understand why Translator had  hit with this tune-especially on College Radio. It was in step with the times, but kinda weird and off-beat.

 I remembered always liking it, but never knowing why. I remember thinking it was kind of silly-or awkward, but still loving it. Now I realize why I liked it, it may have been silly and awkward, but it is somehow honest. Whatever experience or emotion inspired the song, it was true, even if the story wasn't, and honesty is the birthplace of great art. It is the reason we proudly hang any work of art, or home made card from our kids, or nephews and nieces. It is why, even though we might not know why, we are moved by things we see and hear that are created by other humans. It is the transformative ability of art. The thing about art that can reach inside us and flip a switch we never knew existed and teach us to see things in a different way, or suddenly develop an interest we never knew. This is why art is good and beautiful and important and should be taught in schools and put out in public for everyone to see and to love or hate. It inspires critical thought and expands consciousness and makes your brain work.
So, on this fine Monday Morning, take a quick listen, like it or hate it, it is art to me. Enjoy!

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