Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3 by Joy Division

    One of the the tragic facts about Rock and Roll, and art in general, is that, many times creative people lead tragic lives. The history of Rock is heavy with the early deaths of electrifying talent and creativity and it is also rife with cliche and conjecture about why that is so. I am not going to psychoanalyze Ian Curtis. We are coming up on the 31st anniversary of his death. He still would have been in his prime if he had lived.
   Here is a sample of the music he left behind. Joy Division took the stripped down, straight-forward style of punk that valued honesty over flash and polish and applied it to music with more tone and texture than their punk forebears. To some, the lack of polish opens up the greatness of the song instead of hiding behind overdubs and production. To others, the lack of polish might detract from the performance. Curtis's voice while strong and passionate may not be a smooth as many prefer. For those of you that fall into the latter camp, as you listen to these tunes, just listen, try to feel what the song is about, if something catches you, listen again-or try to find a different version of the song by another artist and then go back to the original. Yeah, it may seem like alot of work, but if you are a music-lover, it may be worth it. If you love music, don't you want to like more music? Maybe your tastes are different than you thought-or have been shaped too much by the computer-programmed radio stations you have listened to most of your life. I am not saying that not liking any band makes your taste in music bad. When you insult someone's taste in music you can bruise the most private part of who they are. Musical taste is one of the very first things in our personality that we develop largely of our own choosing. It is part of the foundation of our individuality, I am merely trying to give you something you may have missed. Think of it like vitamins for your soul.
   That is why I am here. This is what this website is about: Exposing you to things you might never listen to and hoping expand your World and giving you more to love.
Enjoy, Cheers!

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