Tuesday, May 24, 2011

....And Aliens: "Where is Everybody?" and Life on Mars

Winnsboro Man Says There's Life on Mars

"NASA scientist Phil Christensen has been researching Mars for years. When asked about fossils on Mars, he said, "It's certainly not out of the question. It's just not clear if we've discovered such things yet." He added, "NASA's goal, our long term goal, is to land on Mars, collect rocks and bring them back to Earth so that we can examine them here under a microscope. We want to look for any evidence of fossils or any other evidence of ancient life on Mars. I'm very confident that the rover will make discoveries that will change our thinking. Again, every time we look, we find an interesting place. There were clearly environments on Mars billions of years ago very much like the Earth, and it's very possible that life may have started there. That would be a fantastic discovery and that could be coming in the next year or so."

   So there you have it. Scientists can't speculate for a living, they have to base what they claim to believe on repeatable results so don't expect them to come out and say they believe the same thing as Mr. Shults (the subject of the story). Read the article, go to www.coattocoastam.com and listen to last night's show (if it has been posted). Be prepared for some groundbreaking discoveries and some earthshaking announcements. Mathematically, if there are now thought to be as many as 100billion possible Earth-like planets and life evolved on two just in our solar system the prospects for what the Universe holds are totally mind-blowing.....
   Think about it. At a %50 success rate that would be 50billion planets with intelligent life.
The CNN article I linked to doesn't go with %50, but the research they quoted was still amazing.

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