Tuesday, May 17, 2011

At Long Last! Gazillions of New Tracks!

I seem have to conquered at least some of the technical issues plaguing my machinery and I am proud to announce a buttload of new additions to The Drunken Scoundrel Loudcaster Radio Station.
I added Blur's Self-titled release (sans 'Essex Dogs', the track wouldn't read).
Hey, Johnny Park! by Foo Fighters.
The Cult, selected tracks from 'Electric'.
Local PHX area band 'Farewell Review'.
Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party" which feature the three total 80s classics:Just Another Day,Weird Science, and Dead Man's Party.
From there we go to even more inspired strangeness with God Says No [Explicit] by Monster Magnet-a sort of Garage/Metal oddity that I have always kinda dug.
Two Paul Westerberg CDs :Suicaine Gratification,and  14 Songs, as well as the Replacements CD Tim.
Moving on to some truly excellent politically tinged  Punk Rock I also just added the CD New Wave (U.S. Version) by Against me. This a very powerful band with a very
unique sound and some really great vocals and songwriting.
Once again back into the 90s (hey, used CDs are cheap) I also uploaded supergroup Mad Season's Above. Not given much in the way of critical kudos, I have found that I like this more than I thought I would. I never really appreciated Lane Staley's voice when he was alive, but it goes really well with Mike McCready's guitars and the slightly quieter, more mid-tempo style of the songs and arrangements really point up Staley's one-of-a-kind voice and the truly dark places in his soul where it emanated from.

Rounding off this set of additions we have Buffalo Tom's 1994 EP I'm AllowedAerocalexico 2001 by Calexico, Best Little Secrets Are Kept (Exco) by Louis XIV, and Elvis is Everywhere by Mojo Nixon.
Some of the unannounced adds in the past few weeks have been Chrissie Hynde's project Moodswings Spiritual High (State Of Independence) Part II and some various other tracks by Hendrix, Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus,  and Frank Turner. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to suggest stuff-or just post videos and tracks to my Facebook wall.
Enjoy! Cheers!

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