Monday, May 23, 2011

Ohhhh, SWEET! Something Great is in the Mail!......

   Just ordered THIS! Should be on the station in a week or so. ..FUCKING AWESOME compilation of 60s-early 70s PHX Soul and R&B!
   Trust me, if you like old Soul and 60s R&B you won't want to miss this-and the best is, it is all just local Phoenix artists from that era including this song by New Bloods. Click the the link, close the ad-window and wait for the sample. This 30 seconds you will hear from this track are but a taste of how great it is. Clocking in at 2:49, this gem is (IMHO) just as good as anything that came from Motown. Not to put down Motown, but this is local, Southside PHX from the 60s and it is as perfect as a song can get. I just can't wait to get it on the station.

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