Monday, May 23, 2011

Update for the Weekend of the Friggin' Rapture

   So, I'm still here. I think this tweet from @Fuckerthecat says it all "never say I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! while  I plummeted to Earth half a mile from where my clothes were ".
   Thankfully the Earth won't end on Oct. 21st....probably. Except for this possibility......

   Anyway, on a lighter note, thanks to this friggin' guy posting this gem on, it has been added to the station.

   I am also posting this clip because of the Dr. Demento reference. The Good Doctor has been a secret, cult influence rivaled only by the Illuminati for over three decades. If you didn't have the pleasure of having your young mind warped by this awesome dude as a kid, it is time to start!
   Also, the Rapture apparently put a wild hair up my Scoundrel butt and I redesigned the site. The blog was formatted to accommodate the Amazon Associates Store. I was not happy with the store-not because of anything Amazon does, but because I just wasn't ready to put a full-fledged store up at this juncture and accommodating the store required a clunky site design. Saving the World from sucky radio and shitty music is a tough job, and if I am going to ask you to pay me to do it, it really needs to be done right-which is the only way to do things. I am still going to be placing Amazon ads in posts next to relevant content and soon many of the tracks on my station will be available for purchase through the station's profile. I don't have a timeline yet, but very soon there will be a store with official Scoundrel merch. and a more streamlined Amazon store as well as products affiliates. I have some good stuff for you folks. Good stuff that is worth your hard earned ducats.  Remember, the Scoundrel loves you and wants you to be happy! Simply Hoovering dough out of your pockets is not cool and is not what I am about. I want to earn it. Money, respect, love-the things that make the World spin like a mirror ball in the musical heavens? I don't want it for free. That ain't Rock and Roll.
Cheers! C

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