Sunday, May 8, 2011

Update for the Weekend of May 6-8th

   For the second time in 6 months I have to apologize for being totally lame and not posting up to my own schedule. I try to bring new things to you kind folks who take time to read my blog and listen to the Drunken Scoundrel on a regular enough basis to make the time you spend with me not only fun, but beneficial. Unexpected health issues totally fracked up my schedule, and they, for a time appeared serious enough that I needed to drop everything to tend to my health. Fortunately, it was far less serious than originally thought, but I lost a whole lotta time with doctors and some wonderful nurses. To make up for it I will be posting a piece from an associate blog about Nurse's Day on Monday.
   In addition to the aforementioned guest post I also will be adding at least a portion of the dozen or so new CDs to the station in upcoming days. Sorry for the slow response on that, but I buy mostly used CDs and have to at least attempt to screen them for damaged tracks. In a further attempt to keep up the high quality of content I am also screening CDs that I am not already intimate with. Previously all of the music came from my existing collection and I was intimate with each track. I know that taste is subjective, and some folks who love certain bands love everything-even some of the tracks that aren't so good-but let's face it, even Mozart wrote a Turkey here and there. Given the breadth of styles on my playlist, and my primary intent to expose you to music you might never hear but might find interesting. I try to cherry-pick some of the more unusual styles and artists to ensure that you don't get bored. I would also like to point out at this time that, while I don't censor and I have no issue with playing tracks with 'adult content',  I try not to play too much material with content which may be gratuitously off-color...that being said, The Drunken Scoundrel may not always be friendly to crank in your cubicle at at work. On that note, my upcoming plans will be timed playlists designed to help you not only through the excruciation of your workday, but ease you in to Happy Hour. I am also working on plans to bring live broadcasts featuring myself an guest DJs as well....
Thanks to all of you Drunken Scoundrels and Scoundrelettes for your support and patronage-you are the most fun and attractive people EVER!
Cheers, C!

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