Monday, June 27, 2011

    Another early 90s favorite Ned's Atomic Dustbin-odd name, unique band. Hard, rockin', poppy, catchy, great musicians-with one of (if not the) best uses of dual bass players. Check out the Wikipedia article if you want to learn more. I know I have been posting alot of 15-20 year old tunes, but, there is alot of great, forgotten stuff out there-and, hey, it's CHEAP! I am aiming for as much diversity as possible-and you won't be hearing alot of what I post-even on satellite radio....if you want another example of my inclination towards as much diversity as possible, scroll down past 'the Ned's'  to see a little treat for all you 70s era folkies...

...yep, that's right, Gordon Lightfoot. People may think he is cheesey, but his songs have been covered by everyone from Elvis (yes, THAT Elvis) to the Fun Lovin' Criminals-and oh, by the way, Bob Dylan is a fan.

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