Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Take the Scoundrel with You Everywhere!

   Now, thanks to the good folks at Tune In Radio and their vast array of mobile apps, you have no excuse for listening to shitty music. Go to the link and download the appropriate app for your phone. After you install the application and open it, you can do a simple search for either 'The Drunken Scoundrel' or 'Loudcaster: The Drunken Scoundrel' ( is the service I use to host my radio station). A link to the station should appear in the channel listing, click the link and listen.  There will be an 'add to presets' button that will create a custom list of stations so the next time you open the app, you won't have to do a search again. PLEASE be mindful of the following facts: 1.) This will use data from your data plan, so, if you don't have an 'unlimited' plan please keep track of your usage. 2.) If you tune in and hear nothing it is, in all likelihood, because all of the available listener slots are being used. If you consistently have this problem, please contact me and let me know.
Thanks for your support.
Cheers! C.

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