Saturday, June 4, 2011

Update for the Weekend of June 3rd: Brand New Old School R&B and Soul from Phoenix, AZ

  This gem, compiled by local Phoenix, AZ blues legend, producer, club-owner, DJ, and historian Bob Corritore was placed in my hot little hands just the other day and is about to be put into rotation on our station.  Keep your ears peeled for some great old-school R&B from some talented people you may never have heard of before-or better yet, click the link next to this post an BUY it for yourself!
   On Thursday I posted the very first playlist on internet radio station in honor of a friend's birthday. I cannot divulge the exact contents of the playlist, but it ranged from Hedricks to Django Reinhardt to Peter Murphy and The Supreme Beings of Leisure. I will be re-broadcasting the playlist next week. I am checking my copyright obligations and TOS to see how much info I can release about the time and contents of the broadcast.
   Next up is a planned roll-out of a revamped Amazon affiliates store where you will be able to go and purchase much of the music on our station. In addition a first version of our Cafe Press store will be popping up this week. The Cafe Press store will feature a couple different
t-shirts to start with, and hats, jammies and other items to follow soon thereafter. In addition to the Amazon and Cafe Press stores, I am currently working on an affiliates store that will feature selected items that I personally use and endorse. Stay tuned for more updates!
Cheers! C

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