Thursday, June 23, 2011

XTC, The Lightning Seeds, and Chicks Throwing their Underwear.

.....sooooooo, it being my birthday, I said I wasn't going to 'work', but I decided to buy myself a few new tunes to put up on the station and I decided, since I own said station, and it was my fucking birthday, I would buy some old, recycled, silly little pop songs....and not actually post anything about it until the hangover had worn off.....
   You always need some silly little pop songs on your radio station-chicks love them, and we all know the whole reason Rock and Roll is so successful is because chicks love it, it makes them happy- and makes them want to throw their underwear at dudes who would never get chicks to throw their underwear at them in real life. Which makes everybody happy...and content....much like the subject of the first of two Lightning Seeds tunes 'The Life of Riley'.
Nice segway, huh?
  The Lightning seeds, far from a household name in the US were quite popular in England during the 1990s even having one of their albums, "Three Lions" reach No.1 in 1996 and 1998. Very catchy, almost charming pop tunes that have one of my favorite qualities-depth. You can take them at simple, happy-dancey, surface level, but if you decide to listen a little deeper, there is obviously more thought and creativity there than someone just looking to bang a few chords and sell some records. This depth is a quality they definitely share with the next band on my birthday list: XTC.

YouTube - The Lightning Seeds *The Life Of Riley*: ""

   ...Yet another pop band from England, XTC also never reached the same level of commercial success in the US as in the UK they are best know here for the songs "Dear God" and "The Mayor of Simpleton". When one speaks about catchy little pop tunes with depth-XTC has both in spades-imagine if the Beatles came after punk. As far as pop music as art goes, XTC is the only band I have ever heard that is in the same ballpark as the Beatles-let alone the same sport. Just to carry this analogy far enough to explain my respect for XTC, they would be in the visiting dugout of that stadium. They are a tad quirky for some people, but to give you an example of the level of respect they get from other artists, the best songwriter I know once bought an XTC CD and never took it out of the wrapper. He refused to listen to any song from it. His rationale, he loved them so much that, when they decided to stop making music, he wanted a new XTC album he had never heard before. Just one more.
So, without further adieu, I bring you two XTC classics "Earn Enough for Us" and "Generals and Majors"-note everyones favorite billionaire record mogul in "Generals and Majors".

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