Thursday, June 9, 2011

YouTube - Chelsea Lately: Henry Rollins PLUS Lewis Black and Bonnaroo

...Okay, so comedy may be sort of off-topic for the blog, but I have a good tie-in here: Henry Rollins and Lewis Black will both be part of the comedy lineup at Bonnaroo this week. I have been fortunate enough to have seen both Rollins and Lewis Black on multiple occasions and they are both freakin' hilarious live (and nice guys too). I have more than once woken up the after seeing them actually sore from laughing so hard for so long.
   Comedy is every bit as much of an art as music and I am very glad to see the inclusion of a number of comedy acts in such a huge festival as Bonnaroo. Diversity is not only strength, it is also a hell of a lot more interesting , and the comedy delivered by both Rollins and Black are, to say the least, interesting-if you are not easily offended.

   Looks like Henry has met his match here-both in intensity and bawdiness. I love Chelsea Handler, she is both a guy's chick, and a woman's chick. Chelsea, along with the likes of Stephanie Miller and Aisha Tyler (who I have met, she is as nice and sweet as she is beautiful and funny) are, in their own warped ways, excellent role models for women. Smart, sharp, and funny, they are also entirely feminine and IMHO are making women even more fun and interesting by encouraging-by example-to BE funny. You can't be funny (or pretty) without being smart. Some people may see this as sexist, but I have known many women who are smart and have great senses of humor but seem convinced that they can't tell a joke-which is unbelieveable-how can you think you can't tell a joke? I don't think of myself as funny, but it has NEVER occured to me that I can't tell a joke-or even make one up. I feel that comedians make you smarter and more confident-something we could all be....just be careful of trying to be more like Lewis Black unless you can afford to have a cardiologist travel with you at all times:

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