Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Monday! New ads for the week! Mingus, Big D and the Kids' Table, Moby, M83, The The, Barbie Hatch, and Molly Hatchet..

   A whole slew of new ads to the station today ranging from the sublime, to the beautiful, to the creepy, to the "what the hell is that racket!?!", to the Redneck Rock God.

The Sublime:
The Charles Mingus Big-Band-"Haitian Fight Song". Tres cool and very sophisticated-just like you. Makes you want to sit on the veranda or in the park with a nice, delicious, frosty beverage and savor coolness.
This song WILL make you cooler-and in far less time than watching a Quentin Tarantino flick-though I always recommend Tarantino flicks.

The Beautiful:
1.) Barbie Hatch's new tune "Stars"-very 1990s Harriet Wheeler/Sundays. Lush, sweet, romantic, electronic pop that makes you want to smoke after making love.
 2.) A now-classic, "Porcelain" by Moby. One of the most beautiful pop-songs ever made with the help of computers. I'd love to slap a pair of headphones on Charles Mingus and see his face as it sunk in.
3.) The teaser-track from French synth-pop geniuses M83-"Midnight City". The full album isn't due 'til October 18th-let's hope this is just a mere taste of what could be a killer album.

The Creepy:
The The-"Lung Shadows". The best songwriter I know once described their music as making him want to "stab myself in the eye with a pencil!". He went on to say that if he had that strong of a reaction, they must be true artists.

The "What the Hell is That Racket!?!":
From Boston, Big D and the Kids' Table with the entire new album "The Damned, the Dumb, and the Delirious".
Modern ska-punk at it's absolute smash a beer bottle over your head finest.

The Redneck Rock-God?:
Molly Hatchet (yes, Molly Hatchet) with a total re-imagining of the total, pill-drunk, down-tempo, Allman Bros. classic "Dreams I'll Never See" into an up-tempo rocker. Yes, I am proudly part redneck. Love this tune. I can tell you all about the first time I heard this version of this song....and their website is frickin' cool.

Okay Scoundrels and Scoundrelettes-enjoy your Monday, just remember it is always Happy Hour somewhere!
Cheers! C

P.S. Thanks and a big 'HELLO!" to: Poland, Russia, South Africa, Iraq, Turkey, Italy, Australia, and the Philippines! Thanks for stopping by-please enjoy and come back to say "hello!".

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