Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Ads: Washed Out, the Mooney Suzuki, and Friday Happy Hour

   Happy Thursday Scoundrels and Scoundrelettes!
I have several new ads to the station today and a tasty treat for Friday Happy Hour.
   First off, thanks to my friend Lisette for posting this tune on my FB wall a few weeks back!: I just added the entire new release by Washed Out "Within and Without" (yes, someone still uses Myspace-and very well I might add). Lush, beautiful, melodic, electronic pop. 9 tracks worthy of smoking in bed to...seriously, this is the album art. It fits.

In addition, I also added two of my favorite Earth-Quakin', Boooty-Shakin' rock and roll tunes:
1. The previously promised "Alive and Amplified" by the Mooney Suzuki-

2. ...and one of the best radio-friendly Rock and Roll grooves of the last 20 years: me, they dovetail quite well in the context of the next announcement.....
   For those of you that are so inclined, beginning at about 5:10pm Eastern tomorrow, the very first pre-programmed playlist debuts.
    I have previously made up a couple of birthday playlists for friends, but tomorrow's 'show' is the first intended for a mass audience. It ranges from the 'Sublime and Mellow' to the 'Drink Whiskey and Break Shit'.
  A precursor of the live broadcasts and 24hr DJ driven, commercially supported (yeah, I know, commercials suck, but I have to pay for bandwidth and royalties) that are going to start appearing in the coming months and years.
   If you are near a computer at 5pm Eastern (2pm Pacific) tune in. If you are only near a mobile device and want to check it out please see this previous post on how to tune in on your mobile phone-and as always with mobile: PLEASE be aware of bandwidth usage!
  Have a great Thursday, the end of the week is just a few hours away!
Cheers! C.

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