Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New, Excellent, Mostly Unheard, Amazing Music This Week!

   New, Excellent, Mostly Unheard, Amazing Music This Week! The vast majority of this week's new additions are local Phoenix-area bands, one, sadly, long-gone, one still putting out great music.
   Gloritone was a Tempe, AZ based band that instantly attained greatness and only got to flirt with commercial success. I am pleased to say that I was fortunate enough to be able to see this band on well over a hundred occasions, and it was always a treat. They combined great musicianship, great song-writing, and a very rare quality: Restraint. One of the least appreciated components of great art is not overdoing it. Many great songs have been ruined by people trying to show off. Something Gloritone never did. They played only what was necessary to get the point of the song across. Everything was put in it's proper sonic place in every tune allowing the soul of the song to emerge through what was played to bring it to life. Both of their releases, "Cup Runneth Over" and "Fainter, Farther, Still" can be found on Amazon (where I bought them) click the links, get them for your own enjoyment, it is worth the few bucks. Here is a little taste of them as they flirted with commercial success in the late 90s on 'Baywatch'.....

  The next local fav of mine is Quarter in Crown. Still going strong after over ten years and couple changes in lineup, they continue to make great music. Great art. Yes I am partial to them because I have been friends with Troy and Jen since about 1993, but if I didn't love their music, I wouldn't put it on my radio station.
I have never been sure how to categorize this band-I guess now they would be considered "Indie". Their sound-if it can be directly related to other bands is something like a cross between Sebadoh and Sonic Youth. Using familiar song structure and chords, but assembling them in a unique way, their songs are about...well, it is hard to tell. That is what makes them great. They write songs that are often about things they will explain to you, but it is never obvious what exactly that is if they don't tell you, and the lyrics leave it all open for interpretation. That is another component of great art. It is a shared experience that can be whatever it means to you.
You can see and hear all about them here and here. Please enjoy responsibly.

  This next song is from a duo that I had never heard of before a Facebook friend  posted it yesterday. Koop is a duo that uses different singers for different projects. I haven't gotten to know them very well as they have only be on my radar for less than 6 hours but if this is any indication of how good they are, you will be hearing more of them on The Scoundrel. ...
...A beautiful, sensual song filled with passion and remorse, the video is an excellent compliment to the song. The vocals are by Ane Brun, a singer who (unlike many jazz-oriented singers) effortlessly and without intent, channels her inner Billie Holiday in this gem. It'll make you remember star-crossed, doomed love affairs.
And maybe want to drink and smoke while you sweat alone in your bed on a lonely night.

   I had planned on, and promised a special broadcast that was to be built around Quarter Inch Crown and Gloritone, but due to the incomprehensibly torturous Intergalactic Copyright laws, I was not able to play entire albums, or even blocks of music from the albums. The songs are all there, so I guess you'll just have to listen ALL DAY EVERY DAY to hear the sonic deliciousness I just described in this post.
Cheers! C

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