Monday, August 15, 2011

This Weeks new Ads: Fool's Gold, Little Dragon, the Farm,

Happy Monday!
   I added a whole mess of new tunes this weekend, some old, some new, some probably new to, without further ado, let's get down to it Boppers!
   First off is "Nadine" by Fool's Gold. A mix of African and Israeli influences filtered through West LA that, at first listening, sounded to me as if it came from East LA. What began as a music collective has grown into a band about to release it's second album on Tuesday. This tune, "Nadine" is indicative of one of the early goals of the collective which was to create a different style of Trance music....something evident in this video, very well recorded and shot live the studios of the legendary KEXP in Seattle. There is a different energy in this version than the one playing on the right now. This live version has a smaller line-up than the album version and  drives a bit harder, but the point of the song is still the same: Passion. I also tried to get one of the first singles  from their new release, a GREAT tune called 'Tel Aviv', but it won't be available until Tuesday when the new release drops. I Used this video because the sound is more like the new album, a little stripped down and slightly more energetic....Last night while listening to KCRW I mistook 'Tel Aviv' for a track from Ry Cooder's new release...a CD I will try to include in next week's additions.

Next is 'Ritual Union' by Sweden's Little Dragon. This is a fan-made video set to old footage of the Nicholas Brothers dancing to Cab Calloway. Apparently, some intrepid fan has made it a personal project to set Little Dragon to old B&W dance numbers. If you go to the YouTube page for this video you can see them all, they are very cool and really point-up how great art is timeless in both directions. I uploaded all 11 tracks from the album 'Ritual Union' so you will hear them floating randomly through your listening day.
Warning, Little Dragon may cause sweaty, drunken, nakedness.

    'Groovy Train' by the Farm is an excellent example of early '90s dance pop/rock. At the outset of Rave Culture, there were seemingly just as many bands as there were DJs playing music for crowds at clubs and raves to dance to. This is a great example of a fun, fun, tune to dance to. It may not go down in history as an artistic masterpiece, but if you have ever had an assload of fun at a club with your friends on a 2 for 1 drink night? This song will definitely remind you of that vibe....and after all, what is one of the things art is about? Reminding us about what is important in life, and if fun ain't important, nothing else is.
Hey, they're from Liverpool, that is a pretty good pedigree.

    Two by up and coming Indie favs, White Denim. This band is going to be big. I don't know just how big, but they are serious about making music-as in, they obviously practice their little Indie asses off and spend time making sure they write good songs. One of the things that pop-culture always does is cycle through trends-and anti-trends. Right now there is alot of really excellent music being made by bands that are heavily influenced by the '80s aesthetic-these guys are going back even further. A definite 60s Rock and Roll vibe exists in this band, but it ain't all just rehashing the old, it is going back to basics and bringing in a modern flavor and sensibility. You can hear Cream, The Band, and The Grateful Dead all over these guys, but it still sounds fresh. There are obvious tips of the hat to Clapton and Jerry Garcia  And just so you don't think it is all just studio trickery and session players, I included a live version of 'It's Him' in this post.
   It's nice to see that it is no longer 'uncool' to spend a few thousand hours of your life learning how to play your instrument.
And on a personal, gearhead, guitar-nerd note, I just KNEW I heard an ES-335 in there somewhere, now I have the video to prove it!
All of these tunes will pop up in rotation, so keep your ears peeled!

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