Tuesday, September 20, 2011

...and, Oh Yeah, Aliens

New Hampshire couple’s claim of UFO sighting, alien abduction marks 50th anniversary - NashuaTelegraph.com: "What’s the most famous thing to ever happen in New Hampshire?
For a certain segment of society, it just might be Betty and Barney Hill’s reported interaction with a UFO on Route 3 near Lincoln, which occurred 50 years ago Monday.
The Hills, a quiet Portsmouth couple whose only public role until then involved participating in the state’s Civil Rights movement, said they had been taken aboard a cigar-shaped spacecraft and questioned by humanoid alien beings."

    This should have been the Monday post, my apologies, a busted-up leg and too much vicadin made me miss this.
    In the absence of scientific proof of the existence of alien life all we have to go on is the believability of witnesses and alleged abductees. These Hills have just always seemed credible to me. An interracial couple and civil rights activists with (by all reports) a somewhat reserved lifestyle-why on Earth would they lie-unless they wanted to be famous?  By all of the accounts I have read they didn't want fame.
   This story-perhaps along with the Travis Walton case are perhaps the two most famous and compelling of all of the reported abductions to hit the media since the beginning of the 'UFO Craze' in the mid-1940s.
Read the full article, and click the link to the Travis Walton Wikipedia article and decide for yourselves.
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