Monday, September 26, 2011

EBN OZN "A,E,I,O,U, Sometimes Y": I Dare You to Play This Rekkid!

   Back in the early 80s there was true revolution in the music industry. Following the simultaneous explosions of punk, progressive, and arena rock in the 70s one of the most underground of underground segments of modern music began to bubble to the surface: electronic music.
   Though the history of electronic music in mainstream popular music goes all the way back to the recording of the Dr. Who theme in the 60s, it didn't hit mainstream success until the early 1980s. "AEIOU Sometimes Y"-was one of the groundbreaking tracks. Combining weirdness, humor, and excellent musicianship in a genre that was just beginning to gain acceptance, it gave electronic music at little extra shove into the forefront of commercial radio. It is a great sing-along dance tune.
In other words, it succeeded because it was a great song.

  Unfortunately, all of the embed links to it seem to have been disabled so I can't actually post the video (which is suitable 80s cheesy and fun at the same time) here-: Here is a link to the radio edit of the video from the good folks at the legendary KROQ in LA from their 'Flashback' blog segment back in May of this year. The full version is in rotation on our station here at the Scoundrel.

  Another interesting note is just what these two guys did after they split-up. You can read about it on the Wikipedia article here. It would seem that some people are just destined for success.
Happy Monday!
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