Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holy Shit. Peter Murphy, Stan Getz, and Astrud Gilberto: The Lost Art of 'Laying it Down'

Awesomeness is just awesomeness.
As a musician, you can practice 12 hours a day, every day for years, and someone is just gonna be a talent while you are a sideman. Two examples. Right here.
Astrud Gilberto got the 'job' of singing this tune (reportedly) because, after trying different singers, they couldn't find the right one.

From the Wikipedia article about Astrud: "She had never performed professionally, and sang on the recordings at the suggestion of her (then) husband, João Gilberto."But, BAM! one of the biggest World-wide hits in the history of Jazz.

   Obviously, from the video, she wasn't comfortable on the stage. But she had the Sinatra-esque class to come out on live national TV and fucking nail her shit.
    Her voice is much less strong than most other revered Jazz vocalists, and her beauty was not an American norm then....yet this song was recorded live. No tricks. No electronics. Just a spectacularly honest performance....almost punk-rock. And she was beautiful beyond compare.
    The saxophonist in the background is the legendary
Stan Getz. Yes, one of the greatest tenor-players in the history of Jazz was smart enough to step back and let her uniqueness shine.
Their relationship was also an affair but prior to his working with her, he was an American Jazz giant,he could have made it 'his show' yet in this song he lays back, and nudges her along.....

..and then there is this guy: Peter Murphy. I have seen him twice live, and he OWNS a large-scale arena-band format like no one in rock currently living.....and this recording was done even more stripped-down than the previous video.
....what a set of pipes.
.."he probably coughs up phlegm beautifully"-Kathleen Gamboa, music consultant to

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