Saturday, September 24, 2011

I have Fallen and I Can't Reach the Turntable! Please Help if You Can!

Hi everybody!
   I normally try to keep these sorts of things to a minimum, but right now I need your help: As this venture is a relatively new one, just preparing to move into it's BETA stage, I have not actively been pursuing a profit. Yes there are ads, and we advertise, but so far, the main focus has been on content, testing formats etc. in an effort to ensure a consistent level of quality. When the site is ready, THEN it will be forced down the collective throats of an unsuspecting and culturally deprived populace. In other words, The Drunken Scoundrel is entirely revenue negative: I am running this entirely out of my own pocket.
   Up until now this has not been an issue, the costs are nominal and the good folks at provide all of the tech support and licensing for the Internets radio portion of the site (including mobile, and many gigs of cloud storage) for a stupidly low price. That being said, I recently had an accident which has left me (hopefully) temporarily disabled and not able to meet my financial obligations to keep the radio station portion of the site running.
    For several months I have had a PayPal 'Donate' button at the top left of the page in hopes that an occasional buck or two would come in. Right now, I am actively soliciting donations to help keep things running. And when I say donations, I am not talking about thousands of dollars, I am talking about $42.98 to cover broadcasting expenses for up to two months (that should be the max time needed to fully recover).
Thanks to the good folks a  and at Google Voice the actual website and phone/SMS (310.745.2932) are free, so all I need is money for the station.
   Any money raised over and above the needed amount will be donated to either the US Campaign for Burma or the Blood Foundation. If there should be any miscellaneous expenses beyond paying for broadcasting that should arise and are paid for with donations, they will be publicly accounted for.
Thank you for your ongoing support!
Cheers! C

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