Friday, September 16, 2011

The Orb-"Little Fluffy Clouds"....a little Old School

    Right at the outset of the point where electronic and alt-rock briefly met and then diverged: The article sums it up well.
I never got sick of this tune when it was in heavy rotation on The Q...(click that link. It will take you back to a time when AZ Rock and Roll wasn't just "Far-East LA"......)-seriously
    Most folks won't know this, but Phoenix, AZ was THE testbed for the 'Alt-Rock' explosion of the 90s. Prior to the Lollapalooza Tour (of which, PHX at Compton Terrace was the TEST show), Q-Fest was the biggest Alternative Music Festival in the fact, you might  be able to say that today's modern 'Festival Tour' took shape in Phoenix.
   KUKQAM 1060 was (in '89-90) one of only 13 'Alternative', non-college stations in the country. 3 years later EVERYBODY was scahreeeeming to be considered 'Alternative'.
   While today, we mostly think of just Nirvana, it meant SO much more at the time (go back in our archives) ...mainly?: That true artists, and music lovers got to convince the World there was much more to life than just Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Hair Bands.
Art ruled-and made money.
Enjoy! Cheers!C


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