Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Great Glenn Gould Plays Bach's Piano Concerto No. 7

   So, you don't like Classical Music? Alot of people don't.Why? because they don't appreciate it. If you like great music and art, odds are part of that stems from the admiration of great talent and the hard work and discipline that goes into developing that talent.
   If you want an example of what I just mentioned, you should take a couple minutes to check out the inimitable Glenn Gould. Being a concert pianist is one of the most challenging 'jobs' in the Art World, it takes massive talent and drive and discipline and passion. The job isn't just practicing and playing, it also involves studying scores and learning about who wrote them and why, and what they intended of and for the music, in it's most abstract form, a bunch of squiggles on parchment sometimes hundreds of years old.
....enter, Glenn Gould. Regarded as one of the best interpreters of Bach in modern times. Give it a listen. Two geniuses meet and collaborate across centuries.

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