Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Monday!:GLASS CANDY "HALLOWEEN" PLUS, Oingo Boingo, the Avalanches, and a Great $15,000 Horror Flick

...Okay, so the big party weekend may be over, but I bring you some fun stuff to keep the Halloween fun going: In addition to this weekend's previous offerings of a Cramps Playlist and a list of great unknown horror movies I bring you: The Avalanches doing 'Frontier Psychiatry'-thechnically not a Halloween tune but it definitely has some mad scientist overtones. Next after that is Oingo Boingo's All-Hallows classic "Dead Man's Party", followed by a little of the Simpson's Halloween goof and topped off with Glass Candy's homage to John Carpenter's "Halloween" and the trailer to 2006's low budget awesomeness "The Other Side"-a $15,000 movie that outshines movies costing hundreds of times more.

..For my friend Kathleen......reliving last night.


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