Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween! Aquarium Drunkard » Radio Cramps :: The Purple Knif Show

Aquarium Drunkard » Radio Cramps :: The Purple Knif Show: "Lux Interior : inter-dimensional, pan-sexual, time-traveling rock & roll alien. And radio host. As Halloween draws nigh we’re revving up for our annual airing of The Purple Knif Show, the one-off radio program hosted by Lux in 1984 deep in the bowels of Hollywood. As master of ceremonies, Lux runs through his personal archives spinning the weird ranging from rockabilly and garage to early punk, campy novelty and exotica. His bag of tricks was the best. So go ahead, “get out your magic decoder rings, boys and girls…” Trick or treat."

Okay, I promised last night I would try to find something extra special for Halloween-then the kick ass people at  pull this out of their hat. I wish I could say it was me that dug this up, but I haven't listened to it yet so I can take absolutely zero credit.....but hey, Aquarium Drunkard kicks ass, his show on Sirius XMU is often the soundtrack for my Fridays, so I am more than happy to help drive more folks to his blog-especially if it enhances your Halloween. It's a big download so it may take a bit if you are on a slower connection, but it is sure to be outstanding. Thanks! Cheers! C
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