Monday, October 17, 2011

Most Random Monday Post Yet....

...Okay so anybody that has been paying close attention knows there has been some upheaval  lately here a Scoundrel World Headquarters. We relocated the office, crashed the mountain bike and fucked ourselves up (okay, that was me-and it fucking hurt), and studio engineer @Fuckerthecat got wicked hammered and shot up the studio. Thank God for soundproofing. It not only muffles the sound of gunfire but it apparently helps prevent over-penetration that might lead to a damaged neighbor.
And lawsuits.
And prison time.
Oh, and our Internets radio hosting service has revamped the software for our broadcast-so there have been some playlist issues and other technical SNAFUs. THAT however is for the better as I will know have much more ability to schedule special broadcasts and playlists.
Oh, and Google ate the website and I had to completely redesign it from memory in like a half an hour before I went to bed one night.
All in all a pretty rough month so the posts have suffered and there haven't been any new tracks added to the station lately. My apologies, lame I know, but when the boss is down for the count everything suffers, the further along things go and the more people I can hire the fewer bumps in the road there will be.
Okay, BS aside, I found a new favorite Tumblr. Not for the easily offended. but thoroughly entertaining and the epitome of what a Tumblr should be. Go check out "Queefus Maximus" you can either hate me or thank me later.
Cheers! C

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