Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Story of a Playlist named 'Bob'.....

.....So, our good friends at (the folks that make our Internets radio station a possibility) have just upgraded their DJ Dashboard-the interface that broadcasters use to make and schedule play lists.
You may be asking yourself why this matters....well in your case it means I can spend more time programming and less time letting the Bot play random tunes (which it does remarkably well).
You may still be asking yourself why this matters.
The answer is: because I have taken a break from tilting at windmills (okay, chasing doctors and insurance companies) and actually put together the first scheduled playlist for today at 10am Pacific. -Or 7pm Helsinki..which some of our listeners are on. Seriously.
We are international, Bitches.
    So, if you are near a computer today at about 10am Pacific, point your browser to and click the 'Listen Now' widget. Yes, I know it is showing a link to a song that played 14 days ago, but if you click the link  the player window will open. If you are going to be on a mobile device click this link here for instructions about how to listen on your mobile device.
If you get a chance to listen, let me know how things sound, if there are any audio issues or skipping songs etc. You'll probably recognize some of the tunes-others, not so much-let it suffice to say that if you tune in around the appointed time you will be hearing a lot of loud, raucous Rock an Roll. No Jazz. No Pop. Just Rock.
Hope to see you! C

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