Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another Classic Record that was Made This Year: Blitzen Trapper Performing "American Goldwing" on KCRW

   Second on my list for this year's classics in the making:  Blitzen Trapper has been on my radar for a couple years now and while I always liked what I heard before, I had no clue from previous releases that this band was going to be this good.
I recently heard a few tunes from the new record "American Goldwing" performed live on KCRW and couldn't believe my ears....

   Obviously referring to their Levon Helm/ Robbie Roberson roots as well as the likes of John Prine, and the Grievous Angel himself,  Blitzen Trapper has cranked out some songs that are nothing short of brilliant American Roots Music.
   Intelligent, heartfelt, poignant, and skillfully written tunes once again proving that a great tune is ageless and timeless. The songs I have heard from their latest release are as much at home in 2011 as in 1972 and before. In listening I am reminded of a story I once heard a DJ tell about when John Prine was a young man: a critic once remarked about him that: "..he is 23 years-old and writes like he is 230...". Much the same can be said for Blitzen Trapper. There is a very broken-in, well-worn, and wise sound to them-much like a good strong whiskey sipped from a leather-bound flask or an oak barrel.
   This is a group of guys who may never hit mainstream success-or just might reignite interest in roots-rock/country. Either way, you will be hearing from these musicians for a long time to come and the proof will be in a decade or two when a whole 'nother crop of youngsters get asked in interviews how they got started down the path of songs about the Long Road, busted hearts, and whiskey-soaked vocals.
Enjoy, Cheers! C

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