Monday, November 14, 2011

Rock-Rock-Rock-Rock and Roll Radio: KCRW Broadcast 141 - Henry Rollins on KCRW

As part of my ongoing series of rants and minirants hidden inside other posts, I bring you
This is what Rock and Roll Radio was meant to be:
Loud, fast, a little raunchy, and almost out of control.
This is one of the things you should be listening to when you aren't listening to us.
This is the level of quality you should be demanding from your local radio stations.

  Henry Rollins and his crew are to music what wealthy connoisseurs are to wine: They just want the best and they will dig trough stacks and bins at record stores worldwide (Literally. Not an exaggeration.) to find the very best. A few years back Rollins began bringing his globe-trotting encyclopedia of music to the airwaves on Indie 103.1 in LA and when they went tits-up a few years back he moved and for the last 141 weeks or so they have been doing it on KCRW in Santa Monica, CA.
   Last Saturday night they honored their love by broadcasting live from Amoeba Records to help the store celebrate 10 years in Hollywood.
It was fucking classic.
You need  to listen to it.
Rollins is always on but last night had a live audience so his true ham DJ side shone brightly. Because KCRW is a public radio station that cares as much about you as it does it's bottom-line you can click the link and listen/watch any time you want.
Cheers! C.

KCRW Broadcast 141 - Henry Rollins on KCRW: "KCRW Broadcast 141
SAT NOV 12, 2011
Henry Rollins
Listen to/Watch entire show:


Tonight, we are live at the rekkid sto! We will be broadcasting live from Amoeba Records at 6400 Sunset Blvd. Like I would need to tell you that. Anyway, I will be there doing my shift from 8-10 live at the store. Any excuse to go to Amoeba is a good one, so I am glad for the opportunity.


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