Saturday, November 5, 2011

► New to You Music: Stars - Set Yourself On Fire / The Hype Machine

► Stars - Set Yourself On Fire / The Hype Machine:
...Here is one courtesy of my friend Daggr up in  Portland, Ore- (and the Hype Machine)....Canadian Indie group Stars (this why I love Wikipedia-so much info in such a little space)...from a 2004 release. I heard this and thought, "2004? where the hell was I?" and then I realized I was busy doing things that didn't really  matter because I needed money and took my mind off what really matters in life: What you Love. With a capital 'L'.
   I somehow managed to miss this-but then again we all miss a lot. That is the downside to the internet-now we have an idea of how much we are missing and have to come to terms with the fact that we are going too miss most of it.
That is what we are here for.
New music and new to you music. Just like this song was new to me.
This is why most of my blogs are short-only a couple hundred words at most and have a link to a song or a band-even songs I have yet to put into rotation on the Internets radio station. -You have better things to do with you time than listen to me babble. If you have taken much longer than you like away from loving music the way you used to, I should be helping you, not hindering you. Part of why I stared this project was just for people like you so you can stop by here a few times a week, point your browser to our station and feed your mind and your soul.
Life can really be annoying when you realize the rush of things that the Man hassles us with to keep our minds idle and soft has left you forgetting what used to make tick.
Tick away.
Like I said. That is what we are here for.
Cheers! C.
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