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Jim Morrison's 'Love Street' House Catches Fire in Hollywood Arson Spree: Balcony That Inspired the Song Burns - Los Angeles News - The Informer

Jim Morrison's 'Love Street' House Catches Fire in Hollywood Arson Spree: Balcony That Inspired the Song Burns - Los Angeles News - The Informer: "​The hills of Hollywood and West Hollywood came under attack last night: A mysterious arsonist (or team of arsonists) started 19 car fires in the wealthy area, some of which spread to nearby homes."

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     This is a story that goes well beyond the sphere of this station. This is a sick, deranged, worthless piece of shit (or a group of similarly worthless individuals).
    Personally I have been burned out of two homes in my life. That is (in the Western World at least) a massive statistical anomaly.
It fucking sucks.
Not knowing-even if your life escapes fire-if the water will ruin everything else...and then there is the homeless part,
I have been deeply fortunate in both instances to not have lost any of my meager possessions or been left wanting for a place to crash, but it still fucking sucks.
    In the case of these arsons, most of the fires have been limited to cars in carports.
The fact that these weren't homes targeted..or even people walking down the street ( I have met a man who was torched for 'fun' while hitch-hiking). It makes no difference. Someone is destroying peoples' property-their ability to work, function,...move around-and they are doing it in a a way that risks the lives of countless innocent people.
   ALL of these things make these acts just evil and pathetic...what makes it worse is, when it happens in a place like Hollywood, it not only endangers peoples' property and life, but their community and our collective history as well.
Whether or not they know it, the arsonist(s) last night damaged a piece of Americana. It may be an obscure piece, your idea of whether or not it counts as 'historic' is totally open for debate, but a piece of property-beyond the Mazda Miata that was torched-has been harmed...AND a LA firefighter was injured in the process.
....Yep, a douchebag almost destroyed a piece of American history and hurt a fireman.
TOTAL piece of shit.

If this can serve as more than a warning against criminal activity, let it be a rethinking of what is important:

If the loss of a burned-out car means a poor person loses their job, then I would rather the 'Love Street House' go up in flames, but if that is going to be the case, at least acknowledge the loss and remember that ALL of  your rash acts have consequences.
In case you were wondering just where this rant came from, just one of the properties damahed last night was the inspiration for this song:
Happy New Year! C.

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