Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and All that Jazz: A Replay of Brad Mehldau Absolutely Crushing it on a Holiday Favorite:

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays what ever holiday you celebrate! Cheers! Be merry, celebrate life, love friendship and music!
   I deciced to take a brief holiday hiatus and intentionally avoided commercially flogging our store and our merch. It just didn't feel right seeing as how it isn't quite ready for prime-time and the last thing I want to do is have you depend on us for a gift and then have it fall flat.
  By this time next year there will be a whole suite of different offerings and affiliates to choose form when it comes time to buy for your favorite Scoundrel or Scoundrelette. By Christmas 2012 in addition to the merch and Amazon stores, there will be a bunch of products personally picked by to buy for your swettheart that have been tested and approved by us. That means starting next month there will be regular product reviews and updates followed by either affiliate links in our store or direct links back to the business who's products we are recommending. An example will be that I will be personally recommending Virgin Mobile pre-paid wireless (with caveats) even thought they turned us down for their affiliate program. I think that ought to prove that we are good sports and honest about our product reviews and we aren't just shilling for whomever throws us a few duckets.
   Look for details beginning after the first of the year along with our first LIVE broadcast ASAP. I know I had promised it last fall but, the service that hosts our radio station picked us to Beta test their new user interface which was more important. In addition to putting us ahead of the game it helped defray costs while I was hurt and immobile. Also-while the testing was going on there was the possibility of stability issues with the platform and once again, I didn't want to make any promises I couldn't keep vis a vis a live broadcast.
   Along with the new interface for broadcasters comes a new player widget for you, the listener. Sharper and more compact it cleans up the lines on the site and when clicked, opens into a beautiful new window with pictures and links and presents everything you need in the way of information on the current song and most recent selections. Soon the player window will have purchase options for the music played (where available).
-This brings me to the next topic: The Scoundrel's holiday colors are on full display....sans the Santa hat that was stolen from the Drunken Roger.....this will run through 12th Night and then revert back to the old color scheme. Is is a paltry attempt at seasonal cheer, but I can't actually come to your house and deck out your computer can I?
Now, on to my favorite Christmas song....All that Jazz: A Replay of Brad Mehldau Absolutely Crushing it on  a holiday favorite:
Thanks for all the love and support over the past year.
Merry Christmas! CHEERS!
Love, C.

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