Friday, January 6, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! -What the Elves Were Up to While You Were Opening Presents.....

So, just when you thought I was just laying around drinking eggnog and watching football instead of attending to my duties as a media maven, here's what has been happening:

   A much longer than anticipated holiday break has been filled with adding a bunch more music, upgrading the music player on the website (still some issues with that, don't know if it is the software or Google trying to 'Do No Evil' without actually expending any effort..) and searching for a (possible) permanent  location for Scoundrel World Headquarters.
  In addition to adding Brad Mehldau's wicked killer version of "My Favorite Things" I selected four very unique releases, three recent and one not so recent, to add to the ever-expanding library of music you can hear here ...and not very many other places except your iPod-if you are cool enough to own an iPod crammed full of such unique-ness.

First off:
   "Crazy Clown Time" by none other than Auteur and absolute American Original, David Lynch. If you are not a fan of David Lynch or you work/live with squares and the easily annoyed, this will have you (perhaps by force or coercion) switching back to some lame, focus-group programmed station in no time flat.
   This is music that could either be considered  the soundtrack to a nightmare inducing film you have never seen or a mental sandbox for you to play in while you are trying to find ways not to stand up on your desk, strip naked, and profess you individuality.
It really is that good.
...and that strange.
   If you are not yet familiar with it and want to have a little taste of what you might randomly be in store for while listening to us here is a little sample:

Yep. Sounds just like you's think an album by David Lynch would.

   Next up is a local Phoenix, AZ favorite Dry River Yacht Club with the entire EP "Family Portraits Calm Mutiny". (Of course) lumped into the Indie/Folk-Rock category this is a very talented outfit with a great stage presence and equally enjoyable list of tunes. If I had to hazard a comparison I would say, "imagine a cross between Calexico and the Waterboys...and a couple doses of Morphine".
I think a lot of people will enjoy them and I recommend keeping an ear out for them not only on our station, but elsewhere as I can see them making a splash if they get in front of enough people.

...onward and upward to one of the best "Drink Whiskey and Break Shit" tracks of 2011: DJ Food with the "Magpies, Maps, and Moons" release and they wall-buster "Discovery Workshop". Thanks to KCRW's Garth Trinidad for dropping this on all of us:

...Lastly, I added Sleater Kinney's classic: "The Hot Rock" with the caveat that I blew my whole budget before I realized Wild Flag's debut was going to drop soon-it will be added shortly.
"the Hot Rock" is one of my favorite indie albums ever. Sleater Kinney was just unique. Period. Very feminine, very raw, and very distinct "the Hot Rock" showcases them as catchy, musically expert, and pushing the boundaries of Rock and Roll. Even though Wild Flag has many of the same sensibilities and sounds, I never heard anything quite like them before I picked up this stellar release for the first time back in ....was it '99 already?

Enjoy! Cheers! Happy New Year!
Love, C.

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