Monday, February 27, 2012

New Add: Field Music-"A New Town" Retro Progressive ...or Something Like That...

When I first heard this song a week or so ago my first reaction was: "...uhhh, kind of annoying....". That lasted for about 40 seconds, then the drums got to me, then I started listening to the lyrics and how I couldn't tell if this was a music written around lyrics or vise-versa.
Clear sign of a champion tune.
Definitely a throwback to bands like King Crimson.
Not a bad place to start.
This song has crawled into my brain like that thing Kahn put in Chekov's helmet.
I hear the rest of their newest release "Plumb" is more just like it.
I haven't had the time to investigate further-but you can bet I will and the results will pop-up here as soon as possible.
Until then, it has been added to the playlist.
Enjoy! Cheers, C

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