Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Orbital -Ft. Zola Jesus

So, my personal curator Kat (follow her-especially if you live in PHX-she is awesome.) mentioned the other day that the Zola Jesus Show at the Crescent Ballroom was amazing.
My response was, "Who?".
Her response was to kick me in the shin and ask me if I was retarded.
(In my defense, I suddenly, inexplicably, and seemingly irrepairably seem to have no internets, thus the lack of posting and new music. Thank God we aren't even in Beta yet....)
5 minutes later Zola Jesus popped up on Sirius XMU and I was redeemed.
So, much like "Blue Car Syndrome" I have been hearing about ZJ everywhere and just happened to hear that she will be appearing on Orbital's new album "Wonky". Here is a link, check it out!:
And a few more morsels courtesy of the Youtubes:
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