Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sharon Van Etten, Nick Waterhouse, More New Music and News

   I was listening to Ann Litt on KCRW this past Sunday and this tune jumped out at me:

You can find a bio for Nick Waterhouse  here.
I haven't had a chance to delve too deeply into his work yet, but if this is any indication of the 25 yr.-old's potential, I suspect you will be hearing quite alot of him here in the future.
This is my favorite type of Rock and Roll, simple, pure, and catchy. You will find this song in the rotation for your listening pleasure from here on out.

   The next artist I added yesterday is Sharon Van Etten. Without adding to the conversation around Lana Del Rey, I realized several months ago that the reason I was initially drawn to LDR was because I thought (vocally) she sounded like Van Etten.
And Sharon Van Etten's voice gives me fucking goosebumps.
In addition to it's crystal clarity, Van Etten has a masterful control over her voice to the point that I compare her to Yukimi Nagano. I draw the similarity not to the timbre of their voices, but to the fact that both women seem to be intentionally restraining the potential power of their voices.
By never quite allowing them to explode at full power this tactic not only adds dimension and color to performances it adds to the dynamics of the interpretation of the song as a whole. Anyone can scream their lungs out to get their point across but using one's voice with restraint has a way of etching the emotion of the song in more subtle ways. I personally love belters, but when you have such a varied instrument as these voices, always leaving the listener wondering (even if only subconsciously) when the explosion will happen definitely adds to the dramatic and emotional effect of a song.
I added the entirety of Sharon Van Etten's "Tramp" without even listening to it-at my first opportunity to download it and add it to the station I did.
I want to discover it by accident as it cycles through the rotation and get to know it the way I got to know so many other great artists back when I had unfettered access to real, terrestrial radio back when I was a kid.
Here is a live performance of 'Serpents' from just a few days ago:

In news: , the company that so graciously provides the broadcasting end of our humble enterprise, has recently updated their broadcaster interface to include listener stats. This is important because it has shown me that the number of simultaneous-listener slots has been getting maxed out -so I upgraded. Now there is less of a chance of hearing static when you log in to listen.
I truly appreciate the interest in our programming and want to make it available to you whenever you want it. I apologize to anyone who has tuned in and can't listen, but, as it stands now, the budget will only allow for a certain number of listeners. Loudcaster makes it very easy for me to increase the volume if the demand is present (at a very reasonable price) and I would love to have an infinite number of slots available at all times, but right now the broadcasting end of the operation is entirely revenue negative. I am more than happy to accommodate demand, just remember that due to legal constraints, we PAY for the right to broadcast copyrighted music and cannot sell advertising (yet).
If you want to support us, please feel free to check out the store, we endevor to make as much of the music played here available for purchase through our affiliate relationships as possible. By buying tracks or t-shirts here you help to support us and our efforts to bring you the best music in the Universe.

I would like to to take this time to remind listeners that they can listen via mobile devices by downloading the Tunein Radio App. Install it, search for The Drunken Scoundrel, add it to your presets and ENJOY!
Cheers, C.

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