Friday, March 30, 2012

And, Oh Yeah, ALIENS!: Giant UFO Fragment Found In Remote Siberian Forest | Disinformation

Giant UFO Fragment Found In Remote Siberian Forest | Disinformation: "The U-shaped object, resembling a silvery dome, is currently under inspection by Russian experts, after being covertly removed under cover of night from the possession of villagers who found it. After discovering the device on Sunday, locals from the village of Otradnesnky had managed to drag the “UFO fragment” from the thick forest where it had fallen."

Obviously, there is no way to determine the provenance of this object, but it  does  beg the question of just where it came from. Judging by the looks I am sure there is a  terrestrial reason for it-it looks pretty human-made but it is always fun to try to figure out just how something like this falls into the wilderness without anyone knowing.....

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