Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Classic You Missed: John Doe's 'Forever Hasn't Happened Yet' .....listen to 'Twin Brother '

   This review of John Doe's  amazing 2005 "Forever Hasn't Happened Yet" was one of the the moments that propelled the creation of this Internets radio station.
It convinced me to go out and buy a CD by someone who wasn't a 'new' artist.
Before then I was always trying to concentrate on just listening to 'new' bands I had never heard of.
I was never a huge X fan.
Not because I had anything against them, but because I didn't get a ton of exposure having grown up in a small New England town.
I knew enough to know they were great and influential, but not enough to fully appreciate their scope.
I did  know(back in the 80s) they were an influence waiting to happen. John Doe popped-up in a video for 'LA Woman', their version of 'Wild Thing' was on the radio a bit....but I had almost forgot about them.

When I heard this review, I bought the CD...and haven't ever stopped adoring it.
Much like last week's post about Dramarama's 'Vinyl' , 2005's "Forever Hasn't Happened Yet' is another under-appreciated, absolute masterpiece.
It has up-tempo rockers, and soul-crushing ballads like the one below and 'She's Not' (which I can't find anywhere to post....)
I just kills from  front to back, beginning to end, and will never get the due it deserves...except here.

For the foreseeable future, this entire CD will be on heavy rotation.
Learn it, know it, live it!
Punks turn Country into Modern Art.
Cheers! C.

Twin Brother 

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