Monday, March 12, 2012

Dramarama, 'Vinyl': If You Blinked You Missed It: One of the Best Straight-Ahead Rock Records Ever

   If you think Dramarama was just a one-hit wonder, check out their Wikipedia page here
If you don't get all the references click the internal links and crawl down the rabbit-hole of Rock and Roll history that has backed them during their career.

   Most people know Dramarama for the song 'Everything, Everything' but most people don't know how good this band was.

    During the era of Punk and New Wave they were just a smart, intelligent band that at first listen could be written off as a bar-band....

1991's 'Vinyl'-if you really listen-proves otherwise.

Backed by some of the greatest session-players in Rock, they not only lay down some great tunes but rework  Mick Jagger's cool and laconic classic 'Memo From Turner' into a drunken brawl of a tune.
If you can do that and pull it off,  you have made it.
Another highlightof 'Vinyl'  is the brilliant skewering of focus-group formatted radio 'Classic Rot'.
Deftly turning phrases and cliches into a brutal, prescient critique of nearly everything on the FM dial, this song is a subconscious catalyst for the existence of this station.
When this album was released, if there had been an army of internet-savvy hipsters to latch onto it it would be blaring out of every pair of headphones standing in line at Starbucks on the planet and hailed as pure genius.
This shit was fuckin' cool.
Truly cool and even more so because it yielded hits but the best tunes were only heard by the people that went out and bought it.
This whole album is being uploaded to our servers as we speak and will soon make it into the ongoing playlist.

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