Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Bye Levon Helm and Dick Clark

I had big plans for 'The Monday Post' this week.

I figured that the loss of both Dick Clark and Levon Helm would give me the inspiration to write something...well, inspirational.

What I am finding right now is that I am actually having a hard time processing this.
How do I quantify the loss of two figures that have so deeply influenced how I have lived my ENTIRE life?

Without Dick Clark my religion might well be akin to wearing a perpetual 'Loser' target on my back.
He made Rock and Roll legit, commercially viable, and something for everyone.

Clark's polish and business savvy helped sell true artists into the mainstream. Clark also helped sell the true underground to the mainstream, (i.e. David Bowie) and still maintained the the stealthy undercurrent that is the calling-card of R and R.

Clark's business oriented values also helped countless other potentially fringe groups achieve-at the very least-some credibility among the youths that watched his show...just Google 'Dick Clark'.

Clark's ability to see that potential helped it (Rock and Roll and it's descendants) to be the art form of the intellectual blue-collar, and the the blue-collar intellectual.

Levon Helm was a voice and an example of what Dick Clark helped to create. His influence is vastly more subtle until you delve into what 'Indie' rockers are doing today and you look back to the early 60s.

I can't believe just how hurt I am by these losses-it isn't as if they were unexpected. Both men out-lived their generational averages if you factor in lifestyle yet all of my future days will be colored by their absences. No matter what I achieve, two men whose opinions I hold as almost holy will never be there to say, "good job!".

I hope I have the time to delve into this more soon as these two deaths point directly at the importance of Pop-Culture and drivers of 'Culture' as a whole.
The more I think about them, the sadder and more appreciative I get.

I know they were getting up there and this is no shock, but two influences that made me who I am are gone in the span of just a couple days.
The video below is classic of Mr. Clark's early days and I have been told that Jerry Lee Lewis was the first live  performer on American Bandstand ....Peace and Rock and Roll to you all as a cool breeze wafts through our So. Cal. studios on a Sunday night remembering kings and enjoying their legacies.
Love to you all.
Cheers, C.
...and P.S.-doesn't REAL Rock and Roll just kick all sorts of ass and make you want to do all sorts of rebellious things in the name of freedom?

...and then there is this.
I LOVE Blitzen Tapper and their ilk, but you just can't get any better than this:

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