Monday, April 9, 2012

Los Lobos-"Burn it Down": As Cool as.....

Watch "Los Lobos - Burn It Down" on YouTube
I just happened on this song via kcrw the other day and it immediately grabbed me.
This song is cool.
Not garden variety cool-  Miles Davis,  '56 Speedster,  sex on the beach with Sophia Loren in 1962 cool.  Brass knuckles in your pocket that you never have to use because you are so confident cool.  When Fonzie. hits the juke box,  this song comes on.
Of course Los Lobos is no stranger to being cool,  they long ago established that the core of rock and roll will always be cool.  It comes across in the songs they write and the songs they cover. They don't even bother with swagger.  No need.  It their world they are the Kings.
Dig it, Scoundrels.
Cheers, C.

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