Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Abadie Radio - Hip African Music - Loudcaster Radio

Abadie Radio - Hip African Music - Loudcaster Radio:

Another of our sister stations broadcasting using Loudcaster.
Just a taste of the diversity available out there on the 'Netcasting 'Verse.
Every cell phone and laptop as well as every desktop, many televisions and DVRs are not long range 'transistor radios'. You can any kind of music, any mix you want, 24hrs. a day to suit any mood-personally curated by individual music lovers from all over the world.
Why would you let a machine think for you? Let an algorithm pick your taste?
You won't find us openly criticizing much around here, but this is one thing I can't stand. I won't name them, but it makes me cringe every time I hear someone mention them.
Machines not aiding you in your endeavors, but thinking for you.
Think about that for a moment next time you are looking for new music.
A machine, or a real person.
A real person who does what a machine never will: Love the music it offers you.
Cheers! C

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