Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Crescent Ballroom thrives in downtown Phoenix 'renaissance'

Build it and they will come-especially in a Rock and Roll town like Phoenix.
When I first heard about this project and who was involved I was certain it would be a hit.
I have only met Charlie briefly on one or two occasions many moons ago, but I always thought his reputation as a good guys was deserved.
Personally, I think this could have done well years ago and I think that has been proven by the fact that the Crescent is succeeding in this dank economy. I am glad to see the success is being achieved by the right people-people that have done so much to not only support the local scenes in their respective fields, but have done so much to draw attention to it.
There has never been a lack of culture in Phoenix, just a lack of support.
Maybe this is a sign that the trend is reversing back to the way it was when I was younger and it seemed like going out to see great live acts was what people lived for.
I can't wait for my next visit to PHX so I can finally get a look at the place.
Cheers, C.

Crescent Ballroom thrives in downtown Phoenix 'renaissance': "
Photo by Michael McNamara/The Arizona Republic

Charlie Levy has seen his share of music venues come and go since bringing Tucson's Giant Sand to Nita's Hideaway in 1995.

He's seen what works. He's seen what doesn't. And he's seen how first impressions can define a venue's future.

So when Levy found the perfect building for the midsize music venue of his dreams in downtown Phoenix, he made sure to get things right before he let the public through his doors."

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