Monday, May 14, 2012

The Cribs Cover the Replacement's "Bastards of Young"

It may seem sacrilegious, but remember, none other than Johnny Marr played with this band for what-two years? And not before the Smiths, in like, 2009.
This isn't the version I wanted to post, but the acoustic version from a recent Sirius XMU Sessions is not available right now-they are playing it, but I can't find video which is too bad because it fucking rocks. Some stellar backing caterwauling and banging out a drunken  anthem on acoustics really works for these guys.
It is a sort of performance that we should see more of...but that is what this post is a teaser for, my upcoming epic rant on how shitty radio is`and what can be done about it....stay tuned!
Love you! Cheers, C.

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