Monday, May 7, 2012



I spent a good part of this afternoon listening to the call-in tribute on SiriusXM Alt Nation.
The universal theme of all of the calls was how he touched so many lives in a way that only music can.

His legacy of not only art, but of activism was not lost on anyone who called in. I have never thought of myself as a huge fan, but when I started my Internet radio station last year they figured prominently in my early playlists. I had picked up 'Ill Communication' and 'Check Your Head' at a Goodwill for next to nothing and I remembered just how amazing they were. So much skill and creativity and good humor and love...they were almost like the Beatles of Hip-Hop.
As a fan, an artist, and a musician, I am far more deeply hurt by this than I ever would have imagined. A old friend of mine used explain these losses of strangers we know through their art as like losing a brother or sister. They are loved in a very special and unique way. Part of the sonic and artistic background to our lives. He was part of a celebration of life and his surrounding world in a way that, while deeply artistic and intellectual, was also childlike in it's joy.
It hit me an hour or so ago: It feels like somebody ran over Scooby Doo.

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