Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birthday Ramblings Pt.I: "As the Record Turns"-Rare Records Vinyl 45's LP's EP's | Hard to Find | As the Record Turns

Rare Records Vinyl 45's LP's EP's | Hard to Find | As the Record Turns:

Does this place make you drool?
If so, click the link and check it out-or better yet, GO THERE!

As the Record Turns is located at 6727 2/3 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, CA (kinda in an alley in back).
I am just getting ready to start collecting vinyl soon so when I saw this place hidden in the back I decided it might be worth checking-out..and I am glad I did.
I spent a good hour or so talking to the owner, Kevin, about everything from music to politics. He gave me advice on buying a USB turntable and showed me his plans for a book he is writing.
I am often accustomed (as many of us are)to cranky clerks and people who just want my money whenever I shop anywhere. My experience here was the exact opposite of that. I felt like I had been invited into someone's home for a visit.
I got so busy talking that I barely got a chance to take much of a look at the collection but what I saw was fascinating. Hendrix on clear vinyl, Miles, Classical, Pop-you name it. Oh, and all-original. No reissues.
Part of our discussion involved a brief but technically detailed lesson on the recording and mastering process.
While I was there the owner even sold a rare-KMFDM rekkid to a young lady there to buy a birthday gift for her boyfriend. On top of having an excellent gift for her man, Kevin told her to 'keep the receipt' for the stylus she had just purchased elsewhere-politely hinting that she may have been over-charged.
Being classy is always a good way to do business.

I felt guilty not buying anything-but, rest assured, this store will definitely be the recipient of the contents of my wallet on many future occasions.

   I just recently returned to SOCAL and it is very easy to get turned-off by LA traffic and some of the more boorish aspects of LA's personality.
This little expedition down an alley made me feel right at home.
It also reminded me of why I love Los Angeles: Once you get past the glitz-factor of The Industry and the Douchebag-Factor of the moths attracted to the flame of money and fame there are may other layers to LA.
It is very easy to see just the 'Tinseltown' aspect of Los Angeles.
One of the things you have to understand is that for every person willing to do whatever it takes to 'make-it', there are dozens who moved there because they are creative and want to live around others like them. LA is one of the most influential cities in history and a lot of that is due to people who work behind the scenes in The Industry as job to support their love of the arts in their off-time.
Thanks to Mr. Kevin for being a gracious host.
Cheers! C.

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