Monday, June 4, 2012

New Ads: Le Bucherettes- "Tonight" and Dirty Beaches- "Sweet 17"

Two new tunes from different musical places that land soundly within one ethic: raw honesty.
The first is "Tonight" by Le Bucherettes a tune I heard on Henry Rollins' show on KCRW a few months back and finally got around to buying, and the next via Aquarium Drunkard on Sirius XMU "Sweet 17" by Dirty Beaches.
Each has it's own frame of musical reference, but they both end up being great in their own way. Both tunes grabbed me from the outset and do the same when listening to them again and again.
Often times  assessment 'songcraft' is wrapped up in production values and how 'great' a tune sounds when it is a finished 'product'. These two songs are just laid out bare from the beginning.

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