Thursday, July 26, 2012

CUSTOM PLAYLISTS!...Sweet New Feature! Thanks

...Okay, so, I have been making promises for live shows and more curated content...however,  as I still work a day job some of the promises are just not time-effective.
Until now:
Thanks to a recent interface update, the good and awesome folks at have made it much easier for me to build playlists. While the normal DJBOT that spins all of your favorites 24/7 is pretty awesome, he works randomly, not being able to cater to varied listening desires the way a human DJ with a program director can. I am always proud of the fact that I present the best content in the known Universe, but I realize that under certain situations going from Billie Holiday to Monster Magnet may not always be completely awesome. SO, I am proud to say that we can now EASILY build playlists for your listening pleasures.
On the Internets.
I tested it today and it worked beautifully.
I am going to shuffle it, change it, and repeat it starting at approximately 5:30p EST tomorrow, (Fri.) in time for happy hour. If you are home or by a desktop or laptop just come here and click on the player widget located in the upper right of the page. If you are on a mobile device (and you haven't already) download the Tunein Radio app then simply search for "The Drunken Scoundrel", from there you can bookmark it and listen whenever and wherever you want.
Lucky, lucky, you.
From now on I can build nice custom DJ sets in only a few minutes. Please be aware that I cannot (legally) take requests for specific songs on pre-scheduled shows, however, I can and am happy to, take requests and suggestion for new material to purchase for the station to play. Any time you have a special event like a party or a birthday, just let me know and I will put together something for you.
No matter where in the World you are, we are here for you. 24/7/365 for the greatest music you want to hear.
Love You!


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