Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Ads: REM-"Reckoning", LeBucherettes, and Air

A recent single by Air-"Seven Stars" was one I heard while driving and immediately bought as soon as I could pull-over.
 It's Air. What can I say?
They just make a SHIT-TON of super-cool, super-French music...they were recently tapped to provide the soundtrack for a re-release of Georges Melies "A Trip to the Moon" (trust me, you know it-it has influenced every fantastic image you have seen since childbirth).
For those of you who don't know, Melies was the subject of the recent Scorcese film 'Hugo' -and the French don't fuck around with their art so you gotta figure Air is held in great esteem if they are being asked to re-score one of the most important and influential pieces of art in French history.

Next up is "Tonight" by Le Bucherettes. This comes, once again, from the greatest terrestrial radio show currently available to human ears: Henry Rollins on KCRW. Click the links. It is all that and a bag of chips.
Just do it.
Your brain will be bigger, badder, and stronger for doing so.

...probably the first 'major' band to jump from college radio into the burgeoning netherworld that eventually became known as 'Indie Rock', R.E.M. went through a steady evolution until their demise last year.
Beginning with 1979's 'Chronic Town' EP they started as a quirky, not-Post-Punk, not-New Wave synthesis of what made both Punk and New Wave great: Going back to more simple song structures (as with punk) and adding a deceptively high level of musicianship and songwriting ability to form some really unique and amazing art.
From they start they were great-and smart.

R.E.M. has always either broken even or made money on every tour they have ever done from their inception-a fact lost in the deluge of amazing music they put out consistently over the years.
I have always fallen into the camp that lost them once 'Document' hit but that was just a divergence in taste.
I have always felt that their first 5 releases were some or the best in the history of Rock.
Their pre-Warner Bros. releases were an arc that went from the aforementioned oddity of not being like the crowd they sprang from (with great tunes) to an utterly sonic marvel that layered new sound upon new sound without the benefit of high-tech.
They just seemed to plant their own seed and grow like a magic beanstalk out of Athens GA.
'Murmur', their first full-length was one of the first full LPs loaded onto the station when we went live. Now, their second LP 'Reckoning' is going into the playlist. Their first EP will come soon, along with 'Fables of the Reconstruction' and 'Life's Rich Pageant' in the future.
I try not to bury y'all with avalanches of one band so I intend to phase them in as the playlist grows so it will be diluted to a suitable standard.
I have many memories of listening to 'Reckoning' and it's successors on summer afternoons as the sun and wind rattled through the aspen trees outside my bedroom window.
As a teenager, they were my sonic 'drug of choice'.

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